• Consultancy on strategies andoperations.

    Consultancy on
    strategies and

Consultancy on strategies and operations

1. Diagnostic of  the current situation.

It’s an analysis of the company, the resources study, both direct and indirect services developed, its market positioning, etc. All this will allow us to detect its strengths and weaknesses so we can ratify the current offer and its management. It gives us all the data necessary for us to know the real situation and it allows us to start setting the future plans and dynamic strategies to apply if necessary.

  • Situation analysis
  • Competitive environment analysis
  • Product  and business services analysis
  • Technological analysis


2. Design of improvement plans

In some markets, more and more globalized and changeable, having a defined business strategy is essential to get competitive and sustainable results. Tourist companies are currently facing the challenge of having to develop in a very exigent, globalized and competitive environment. Thus, these companies are required to base their management on a strategic plan which allows them to assure their results by taking into account recommendations adapted according to their interests, philosophy and goals of each customer, their staff and the founders’ points of view. Setting the goals is really important for any company since it determines the way to follow by relying on quantifiable items to improve the business efficiency 

  • Business Plan and viability
  • Sales and marketing plan
  • Internal organization Plan
  • Internal and external communication plan


3. Establishing the change

The management and paperwork of the change within the company requires the skill of identifying and interpreting the type of change which the business really needs and the depth of the change required in each business area.For that,we have to define the purpose of changing clearly, predict its effect and establish the steps to create a new scenery.

Getting used to the market is changing. It means creating new resources continuously and being constantly looking for new processes, strengthening those which work and abandoning those which aren’t successful.The strategy must transform the business into a flexible one. Which allows us to face the new needs.

  • Reorganization of  the organizational departments.
  • Cost Optimization
  • Sales revitalization
  • Continuity planning and goals tracking.
  • Totally externalized or per sections management